E-Commerce Software Development

It’s a new decade, and online shopping is booming. It has become crucial for businesses to provide a website that is not only beautiful, but user friendly. Hexagon IT Solutions creates software that provides an E-Commerce site that makes the shopping experiance seamless. Our software is your companies solution to higher website trafic, and increased sales. 

 Hexagon IT Solutions has some of the most top talented and dedicated UI and UX designers in the world. No matter the software platform you are currently working on, our team of experts will provide you with high end services in your E-Commerce Development. 


E-Commerce Solutions We Provide

Hexagon IT Solutions - Web Applications

Web Applications

Hexagon IT Solutions creates custom web applications that can function across all browser types and on any device.

Hexagon IT Solutions - Software Design and Development

Software Design and Development

With online shopping increasing, so doesn’t the competition. Let Hexagon IT Solutions help your business stand out in the crowd. Our impressive design, navigation and customer security solutions will set your business apart from your competitors. 

Hexagon IT Solutions - Mobile Application Solutions

In today’s day and age, having a mobile friendly website it crucial. Hexagon IT Solutions offers top-notch mobile software development for your business. Our team of mobile app experts knows what it takes to develop a user-friendly, eye-catching mobile design.

Hexagon IT Solutions -Payment Gateway Solutions

Payment Gateway Solutions

Hexagon IT Solutions provides built in payment applications within your business’ E-Commerce site. Our software can support authorizations, captures, sales, voids, reversals, refunds, recurring payments, and other payment types. In addition, your customer’s minds will be at ease knowing that your website is completely secure. 

Hexagon IT Solutions -Application Integration

There’s an app for that! Our developers can create an application for your business that can be found on any iOS + Android app store, or found on a third party app site (whichever you prefer).  Design and functionality will be both beautiful and seamless. 

Hexagon IT Solutions - Site Implementation and Management

Site Implementation and Management

At Hexagon IT Solutions, we know the importance of a fast turnaround. Not only will your business be able to implement your site quickly, but you will also be able to modify your site with ease. No need to start from scratch! Cross-site content management provides single click publishing of news, events, products, and services. When assistance is needed, Hexagon IT Solutions provides support and maintenance.

Easy-To-Use E-Commerce Software

E-Commerce has become a symbol of business success for merchants and brands online. As more and more people feel comfortable using online products, e-commerce strategies are getting more accurate. Ask our experts to develop easy-to-use ecommerce software for your business, ensuring a smooth buying process for your customers.