Education and E-Learning

The world of education is focusing on new technology, student mobility, government regulations, etc. The increased use of electronic devices and social networking has enhanced the need for schools to provide digital content. School systems are starting to move to virtual/paperless classrooms and e-learning management software.

Hexagon IT Solutions provides both educators and learners with easy-to-use applications and multi-level analytics. Our team of expert developers have created school system platforms for schools all across the United States.


Education and Learning Software Development

Hexagon IT Solutions - Cloud Based Application

Cloud-Based Application

Our cloud-based application is a user-friendly platform that allows teachers to manage their classrooms, curriculums, students, exams, assessments and more.

Hexagon IT Solutions - Online School Administration

Online School Administration

Online school administration system to manage students records, courses and their offerings, students’ attendance, students’ progress, parents’ meetings, schedule, students’ record book, students’ learning plan, credits, class events and much more.

Hexagon IT Solutions - Educational  Software

Educational Software

Educational software for students and tutors who need high level security and easy verification solutions.