Health and Fitness

Hexagon IT Solutions is the answer for your health and fitness software development needs. Our team has implemented data-driven training and workout tracking applications that help the user track calories, distances (maps & GPS functions), total number of daily exercises, duration of workout, percentage of completion, goals and targets. 

Key Features Include:

- Online Access to Trainers

- Workout timer

- Workout and Exercise Database

- Workout Planner (Pre-Built Routines)

- Body Progress Tracker

- Training Analytics

- Access to Online Health & Fitness Community

Health and Medical Software

- Mobile Health Applications
- Wearable Applications
- RCM and Billing Solutions
- HIMS and Practice Management
- Document Management
- Kiosk Applications
- EMR/EHR/PHR Solutions
- Telemedicine Solutions
- Pharmacy Management
- Medical Appointment Applications
- Corporate Medical Portal for Employees
- Centralized Invoicing System
- Laboratory Management Platform
- Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Health &  Fitness Mobile Application

Health & Fitness Mobile Application

Hexagon IT Solutions software provides trackable heart rates, sweat details, miles, steps, sleep, calories and more. 

Health Care Analytics and Business

Health Care Analytics and Business

Software that provides integrated health data and business intelligence. 

Electronic Health Record Software

Electronic Health Records Software

Software with the intelligence to store your medical data in digital.

IOT  Application Integration

IOT Application Integration

Our software application connects with your health gadgets and adjusts them accordingly. 

Improving Quality Care

Improving Quality Care

Hexagon IT Solutions software helps your team enhance patient care, improve care coordination, and reduces cost. 

Patients Portal

Patients Portal

Our software portal allows for your patients to have access to treatment plans, personal health records, assessments, appointment scheduling, online billing and e-consultations.